Ubod kulture” brings a story on She Brought Me Gasoline

Americana UK premiere of Let me move on



From algorithmic regulation to a small neglected Bosnian town, full of iron and, some say, silver…. from poor family relationships to love that resists every turmoil….. These are the themes that inspired the songs from the new album.

The album features 11 new original songs that musically can be described again as a raw mixture of Americana and blues.  The most of the album was recorded in a temporary studio installed in a cottage on the edge of the forest in the north Croatia which gives some extra ambience to the whole concept. The album is produced by the band itself.

Check the audio section for links to the album streaming.

Special thanks goes to Maja Posavec for her wonderful appearance on the song called “The road”, Nenad Žabić, Jakov Ramničer and Studio Backdoor for recording Maja and drums for the song, Hrvoje Horvatić for the cottage and Iva Gjurkin for proofreading.

Finally, thanks to families, fans, reviewers and media that supported the band.

©2022. She Brought Me Gasoline/CD Baby, all songs written by Kristijan Kevešević, recorded by She Brought Me Gasoline (except Maja Posavec vocals on The Road recorded by Jakov Ramničer, Studio Backdoor), produced by She Brought Me Gasoline, artwork by She Brought Me Gasoline

Album reviews

“In short, a great second album of a brilliant band that deserves the epithet of currently the best Americana swamp blues in Croatia and confirmation of its quality.”


“She Brought Me Gasoline and their second album “There Were Times” really have strong world connotations.”


“There Were Times is a fascinating album. The instrumentation is tight and simple.  Built upon a solid bedrock of bass and never-too-fancy drums, the songs are laced with some wonderful guitar fills and licks and Kristijan adds just the right amount of banjo to keep things really interesting.”

At The Barrier

“There Were Times is a prime example of Global Americana.”

The Alternate Root

„There Were Times“ belegt eindrucksvoll, wieder einmal, dass weniger oft mehr ist. Die Melodien sind mitreißend, die Instrumentierung ist präzise und entschlackt aufs Notwendige. Ein stimmungsvoller Spaziergang im Mondlicht mit guten Gesprächen und Sehnsucht im Herzen. Dürfte nicht nur Chris Eckman gefallen.


“There were times” is another clear proof that She Brought Me Gasoline not only creates the best music in the national context based on the rich American tradition, but that this is also a band whose albums are work with a message.”


“A real success of Croatian masters who have proven that a great American western soundtrack can be made in a completely different cowboy, mining and peasant European country in the Balkans.”


“She Brought Me Gasoline knows very well how to plow the soil of the Americana music so the songs that grow out of it will quench your thirst and be the fuel for driving through these times that follow us.”


“It sounds beautiful, and if it will reach bigger audience our happiness will never end (8/10).”

Stereo Art magazin

“During eleven songs the listener is treated to well written and well-made songs, without a single weak song. Songs that deserve a special mention in my opinion are “The Road”, a ballad sung by the Croatian singer Maja Posavec, the country song “Vare Valium” and the serious “Last Night I Had A Dream ”, for me the highlight of the album. An excellent album.”

Barn Owl Blues