Welcome to the website of the Croatia’s blues/roots/americana band She brought me gasoline.

Their music comes from the mines of Appalachia where DockBoggs left his health, from 6ft underground where Burnside’s love rests, from the streets of Hearne where Blind Willie played on Saturdays, from the shore of chilly Jordan, from the Oldham’s back porch in Louisville, from another side of Dylan, from Folsom prison and Glen’s Greystone chapel, from the last scene of The searchers and Ethan’s sorrow, from duelling in Deliverance, from the band in Southern comfort, from the wreck of the Old 97, Gus Cannon’s ghost, Solomon’s fast train, Woody’s land, muddy streets of Clejani and Bogdan’s farms.

The band made the breakthrough with EP „Pathway/Soul made in China“ recorded with analog vintage equipment and mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk. The EP was praised by reviewers, especially for the authentic sound they nailed.

“Having listened to the two tracks I started the review, at which point I read the rest of the Press Pack to discover that these guys are Croatian and the music was recorded in Zagreb! Given their origins, they have absolutely nailed the sound of the music from across the Atlantic that inspires them.

I can imagine that they are even better in a live setting and once they have an album’s worth of material to dip into, I think they will do well with Europe’s fans of Americana and Roots music. A promising start and a band worth watching out for.”

Maximum Volume Music

„All credit to Croatian band She Brought Me Gasoline for managing to sound like they hail from the good old US of A. This is the kind of band that should do well at roots festivals throughout Europe.“


“Santorini/When You Go” are a fine short outlook on the first longplay of SHE BROUGHT ME GASOLINE which will (probably) be released in autumn. With spartan means a maximum of
atmosphere is created. Elegant and beguiling. We are eagerly awaiting what may come.