About She Brought Me Gasoline

On March 12th 2020 the band released the debut album “On values and trash” with 12 songs in raw blend of blues, country and Americana. The  album is released by the Italian label  Go Country Records.


On the same day She brought me gasoline released a video for the first song of the album called “Town of lost souls”, recorded by Doringo Photography, with Nataša Jakić taking the leading role.



“Their ability to create a traditional country / folk sound is unbelievable, but when you add a strong talent for creating attractive melodies and quality lyrics, it is clear that with this album the scene got a very valuable expansion of the western wing and one of the best domestic releases in the first half of the year. Pure value, no trash.“

Ravno do dna (HR)

“At about seventh or eighth song they completely won me over and once again showed that there’s no fooling around, this is an exceptional and excellent album.”

Soundguardian (HR)

“The songs are all filled with great atmosphere and raw production sound which enhances the impression of the music genre in which they excelled. A really great combination of bluegrass, swamp roots blues and Americana, with the evident impact of cajun music.”

Nacional (HR)

“It is very interesting that some of the best, most intense Americana sounds currently come from Scandinavia and Croatia. SHE BROUGHT ME GASOLINE – and it burns pretty darn good and bright!”

Musikreviews (GER)

“An archaic debut album with a completely old-time style and expression that brings the beauty of acoustics and analogue sound back to its ancient roots, to the period when music was not yet infected with electrification and urban trends.”

Terapija (HR)

“Having listened to the two tracks I started the review, at which point I read the rest of the Press Pack to discover that these guys are Croatian and the music was recorded in Zagreb! Given their origins, they have absolutely nailed the sound of the music from across the Atlantic that inspires them.

I can imagine that they are even better in a live setting and once they have an album’s worth of material to dip into, I think they will do well with Europe’s fans of Americana and Roots music. A promising start and a band worth watching out for.”

Maximum Volume Music (GB)

“The roots they “dig up” are very deep, in the very sources of American music, in that mythical place that I constantly mention – the place where blues, folk and country meet.”

Stereo Art (MNE)

“All credit to Croatian band She Brought Me Gasoline for managing to sound like they hail from the good old US of A. This is the kind of band that should do well at roots festivals throughout Europe.“

Bluesbunny (SCO)

“On Values and Trash  is a nice gift at a time when listening is one of the few vehicles that we have left to travel while remaining still and the proof that, outside the territorial framework to which it belongs, the musical tradition is not a fact linked to birth but confirmation that music has no boundaries.”

7tracks (ITA)

She brought me gasoline are Kristijan (vocal, banjo, guitar, harp), Žac (guitar, vocal), Zlatko (bass) and Markan (drums).